Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo is a perfect way to gain attention, to express oneself and show one's understanding of life and oneself with the help of tattoo symbolism. There are numerous places on human body that can be tattooed and it's up to you to decide whether you want to have large and eye-catching tattoo that is well-noticed or a small cute tattoo that is open only to the eyes of close people. I'd like to talk about sexy and beautiful ankle tattoos.

Nice legs with a stylish and meaningful tattoo on the ankle are considered very sexy by men and women. Such design is preferred by women as arm band tattoos by men but there is exception to the rules (and this is not a rule at all). So, many men also get their ankle tattooed and it looks great. Ankle tattoo is easy to hide with long pants, socks, some designs of shoes and it's good for those who work at the places requiring definite dress-code. So, there are no troubles with ankle tattoos. The size of the area on the ankle for tattoo is rather small and it creates definite limits for the choice of design. But there are so many small tattoo designs for any taste available that it's not a problem.

The style for ankle tattoos differs from those of the chest or back tattoo styles due to the size of the area that can be tattooed. The styles for ankle tattoo are longer and thinner than those used on larger areas. They are similar to arm band tattoo styles. Tribal design tattoos are perfect for ankle. Celtic knot tattoo or tribal designs with flowers or star sprites look great on the ankle. And you may choose not only black tattoo ink designs but change the standard pattern and choose bright and colorful design. It may be a Celtic knot in the shape of snake or dancing fairies. Funny cute penguin dancing around your ankle is a great idea. Roses symbolizing pure love lilies with leaves symbolizing sweetness look amazingly. Swallow flying through the clouds tattoo stands for happiness and is perfect for ankle tattoo placement. If you like word or symbol tattoos, you may choose Asian symbol tattoo or get a favorite quote tattooed on the ankle. Barbed wire designs, beads and jewels are creative styles for ankle tattoo designs. Together with your tattoo artist you can create unique and beautiful designs and find the perfect style for you.

Some people have fears about the final results and prefer to get temporary ankle tattoo first and after they make sure everything is all right, they go for real tattoo.

If you are afraid of pain, you should be prepared for unpleasant feeling during the procedure because ankle is the place that hurts more than others. The skin there is thinner, the location is close to the bone and there are many nerves in this area- so, ankle tattoos are very painful for most people. But we can stand pain if we know that it's worth the final result. To make the healing process run faster and without complications, you should follow all recommendations of your tattoo artist and use special tattoo aftercare products.