Arm Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo is an art that helps to show one's creativity, to express oneself and stand out some thoughts about the world and one's life with beautiful design. There are so many tattoo designs and most of them symbolize certain philosophy and have definite meaning. We may choose anything we like but should do it carefully. And before we go for tattooing, we should think about the tattoo artist whom we'll trust our body. He/she must be skillful and creative and use only high quality tattoo supplies and tools, sterile needles and other tools that come into contact with our skin, best quality tattoo ink and be ready to give all necessary information on tattoo aftercare. Then we should decide what tattoo design we want to get and what is its meaning. And the last things are the placement of tattoo and its size.

Tattoo can be made anywhere depending on our choice and social requirements. If I work in the office where the dress-code is rather strict, I won't get my neck or wrist tattooed. But if I have no limits in the way I dress and the style I choose, my whole body is open to tattoos. And now I'd like to talk about arm tattoo designs. Arm tattoos are rather painless in comparison to other tattoo places and there greatest advantage is that we can hide most arm tattoos when we please. If the occasion demand us to hide the tattoo, we just wear long sleeve shirt or blouse and the problem is solved. Our hands can be tattooed in different places- let's have a look at them and matching them tattoo designs.

Armband tattoos look exotic and sensual and it's a common place for small and cute or sexy tattoo designs. Celtic design armband tattoos are extremely popular. It may be delicate vine tattoo, heart tattoo symbolizing love and passion, star tattoo standing for dreams and high ambitions, etc. Tribal eagle armband tattoo looks great on men symbolizing courage, power and patriotic feelings.

Forearm tattoos are usually larger in size but it's not the rule and their designs vary greatly. You may have tattoo on inner or outer forearm as well as use both places for one single tattoo. Cross and Celtic knot designs are the most popular for forearm tattoos. Most women prefer various designs of heart forearm tattoos and flower arm tattoos while men enjoy tribal designs or Japanese arm tattoos.

Sleeve tattoos are considered more masculine but some women also get their sleeves tattooed. Half sleeve or full sleeve tattoo- it's up to you to decide. Going around the arm and covering the entire area, sleeve tattoo gives an opportunity to create even a story by different images, meanings and symbols.

Upper arm tattoos can be small and rather large. Girls enjoy koi fish arm tattoos symbolizing good luck and intelligence, angel designs representing spirituality, rebirth and strength or tribal designs. Men also often go for tribal tattoos on the upper arm, Chinese symbols and animal tattoo designs. Dragon tattoo symbolizing might and power look great on the upper arm. Zodiac tattoos are perfect for this placement.

The choice of colors differs and it may be black and white Yin Yang symbol on the wrist or colorful tiger tattoo on the upper arm. Use your imagination and creativity and take proper aftercare of your new tattoo. Good luck!