Friendship Rings

Tradition of wearing rings goes far back to the ancient Egyptian times. Rings have been worn for hundreds of years not just as decoration. The ring represents the belonging to a certain group and each has its symbolic meaning. The most ancient type of ring is the marriage band which was followed by engagement ring.

Friendship ring is the type which has become popular over the last few decades. Friendship ring is a symbol of close relationship with no romantic undertone. They are sold in pairs and people who want to denote their unconditional support and appreciation for each other wear them. In many cultures friendship rings is the way to say that the other person is so close to you as no one else except your parents and loved ones without being related to you by birth and that she/he is your "non-blood sister or brother".

It is easy to differentiate the friendship ring from regular because the friendship ring is worn on the little finger but it's not a set rule, so you can meet people wearing friendship rings on other fingers and even on their chain.

Nowadays Claddagh rings are also associated with friendship and not only symbolize love in couples as before. Young people can wear Claddagh ring without any worries because there is no risk for them to be wrong understood.

Friendship rings usually avoid design such as plain gold band or a solitaire diamond not to be confused with a wedding band or an engagement ring. Most of them are simple and sometimes you can see a word "friend" engraved or printed on it.

If you have a very close friend and want to give him/her something special, choose the pair of friendship rings for you. And the best day for it is the 3rd of August- it is official Friendship Day.