Belly Button Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo isn't just an image on the body filled with ink. It is a work of art representing deep meaning and symbolism if it's done by creative and professional tattoo artist on great design idea. There are different types of tattoo depending on its placement on the body and one of the most exotic and sensual is belly button tattoo.

Belly button tattoos are growing in popularity and has lots of advantages. And the first is that it can be easily hidden and showed off any time. We shouldn't forget that tattoo is something special that will stay with us forever. Of course, tattoo removal is an option but it's painful and really expensive. And it is better choose your belly tattoo design carefully to enjoy it for the rest of your life. And the final result depends not only on your choice of design and tattoo placement but on the skills of your tattoo artist. Try to choose a tattoo maker who will be ethical, honest, professional and experienced. Make sure he/she uses high quality tattoo ink and proper tattoo equipment with sterile needles.

Navel is a sensitive area and tattooing will hurt but the final result is worth that. There is variety of belly button tattoo designs and the most popular is tattooing around the navel. But there are no limits to your imagination and you can get tattoo near the navel or cover the complete area. And here are some navel tattoo ideas for you.

Sun has perfect symmetrical and circular nature for belly button tattoo. It may be sun with streams around the navel representing life, light and Yang energy. Tribal sun designs look great.

Star belly tattoo design symbolizes truth and goodness, lighting the way in the darkness and divine power. The deeper meaning depends on the number of star points. Nine pointed star is a symbol of achievement. Eight pointed star symbolizes regeneration and rebirth. Seven pointed stars stand for mysterious luck. Six pointed star symbolizes the interaction of God with humans. And five pointed star is a symbol of such universal elements as spirit, fire, water, earth and air.

Butterfly tattoo on the belly is a great idea for women. Graceful butterfly symbolizes change and metamorphosis for the best, rebirth and beauty. Belly tattoo idea for men is moth tattoo. Moth is almost similar to butterfly in its symbolism but has a few distinguishing characteristic. Moth is nocturnal creature symbolizing shadows, secret knowledge, other worldliness, dreams, subtlety, intuition, faith and attraction.

Belly button is the perfect place for zodiac tattoos because the navel is the part of our body that is the most closely connected with our birth. It may be symmetrical designs or abstract zodiac sign designs.

Flower designs, Chinese symbols, tribal tattoo designs are versatile and look amazingly pretty and eye-catching on the navel.

I should mention the fact that combination of belly button tattoo and belly button piercing is unimaginably cool thing. Just imagine the moon tattoo around the belly and dangling star belly button ring. And it's only one idea from the thousands. You can create a story on your belly and even change it with belly button jewelry.

It's up to you to make a final decision which you'll discuss with your tattoo artist.

And don't forget to get the necessary information from your tattoo maker to help the healing process run faster. I would recommend you to use special tattoo aftercare products. Good luck!