Chest Tattoo Ideas

Tattooing is an art and professional tattoo artist can create real masterpieces on the body. Our body can be tattooed in different places and I'd like to discuss the chest tattoo designs for men and women as both sexes enjoy chest tattoos. The styles differ and it may be just a small and cute tattoo or the tattoo covering the entire chest. And the area in the case of female chest tattoos runs from the base of the neck to the top of the upper curve of the breasts while the chest area for men starts at the bottom of the neck and ends at the top of the stomach.

Male chest tattoo designs are usually larger and represent strength. It may be eagle tattoo standing for patriotism and freedom, power and courage. Tiger tattoo designs look great symbolizing sensuality, speed, ferocity, power, passion and wrath. Dragon male chest tattoos represent fortitude, supernatural power and courage. Cross chest designs are versatile and popular with men and women. Tribal tattoo designs look magnificent on the chest and pirate ship tattoos or skull and cross bone tattoos are great ideas for men. Maori tribal tattoos and nautical themes suit women and men.

Women chest tattoo designs are usually more cute and sensual. Necklace tattoo designs are popular and versatile. Chest is the best place for heart tattoos representing pure love or broken heart depending on the design. Flower designs are widespread and it may be abstract design or particular flower with its symbolism. Many people choose chest for the tattoo of the name of symbol associated with the person who has passed away. Angel wings above the breasts symbolizing spiritual comfort and protection look sensual and attractive. It may be a sun and moon tattoo, stars tattoo or Asian symbol tattoo. There are no limits for imagination. And the fact that nipple piercing is extremely popular and looks really great should be taken into consideration. The combination of stylish nipple ring or shield and chest tattoo weaving in one single design is an amazing thing! Just imagine a Large nipple shield surrounded by tribal tattoo design or pirates ship tattoo and skull and cross bone nipple barbell.

And some words about other aspects of chest design. Getting chest tattoo is a painful process as the breast bone lies in the area where there is less muscle and fat. Large design chest tattoos are going to be visible as most clothes don't cover the upper chest. And if you don't want to be limited in the choice of clothes and your job dress-code doesn't allow having such body modification, you'd better get small tattoo or choose another tattoo placement.

Choose professional tattoo artist and make sure your tattoo design is really what you want to see on your body. Take care of your new tattoo and enjoy its beauty! Good luck!