Finger Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo is a body art with a long history. Nowadays tattooing is a popular fashion trend and there are innumerable tattoo designs for men and women of all ages. People get tattoo on different purposes including cosmetic and social purposes, the desire to identify and beautify themselves, leave a memory about loved ones forever on the body and tell other people something without words. Whenever we are going to get tattooed we should think carefully about several important aspects. We should find the meaningful design that won't cause regrets in the future, choose the proper place for tattoo that won't be a problem for our work and other social situations, find professional tattoo artist who will use his/her creativity to turn chosen design into a masterpiece and who uses high quality tattoo equipment, ink and other supplies. If we have done these all, we can go and enjoy our tattoo taking proper aftercare of it.

I have already mentioned that there are multiple variants of places on the body which can be tattooed and I'd like to have a detailed look at finger tattoo designs.

Finger tattoos have lots of advantages- they are smaller in hence and size and can be unnoticeable if we want and easily hidden with a real ring if we need it; it takes not so much time for finger tattooing as the area is rather small; there is a wide choice of designs and no limits for your creativity.

Ring finger tattoo designs are great way to express the feelings and commitment to our loved one. It may be wedding band tattoo or just a ring tattoo- both looks classy.

Celtic ring finger tattoos look great and many patterns are available. Spiral Celtic designs formed by twisting or spiral lines running parallel to each other are attractive and unusual. Celtic Knot design representing unending cycle of rebirth and death are popular. Zoomorphic Celtic designs give an opportunity to create amazing designs of animals and just their parts in mysterious Celtic style.

Vine finger tattoos look elegant and delicate and can be made of various color combinations.

Claddagh ring tattoos symbolizing friendship, commitment and love are really impressive and interesting. There is a legend telling about the love of Richard Joyce, the sailor who was captured by pirates but still found his loved one waiting for him in several years when he returned home. He shaped the ring with the crown signifying loyalty on the heart signifying love in the hands signifying friendship and gave it her loved one.

Animal finger tattoo design is also an interesting idea. A cute penguin tattoo or a bird tattoo of small size on the upper side of the finger will look symbolic and nice. It may be your favorite cartoon hero- whatever you like.

The word or short phrase can be tattooed around the finger. It will be deeply meaningful as well as a great sense will be represented in name finger tattoo.

Music designs for finger tattoos are wonderful idea. A small music note or other music symbol, small image of instrument will show your connection to music and your love for it.

If you are interested in finger tattoo designs, pay attention to arm wrist tattoo ideas- the combination of those two will look great. Good luck!