Full Body Tattoos

People have always been searching for the ways of beautifying and self-expression. Tattooing is an ancient body art and it was done to differentiate the classes, to show the most courageous warriors and hunters, as a part of religious rituals, etc. Nowadays tattooing is the way to attract attention, to stand out own beliefs and thoughts, to eternalize feelings and memories on one's body and to become unique and attractive. There are different types of tattoos and the choice depends on many aspects including the lifestyle, workplace, sex, individual characteristics of the body and many others. One of the most striking and impressive types of tattoos is full body tattoo. It covers the entire body and makes a person look quite the other way.

Art of tattooing grew and spread together with the Egyptian Empire and full body tattoos have been seen in many countries.

Japan is the place where full body tattoos are believed to appear for the first time. Tattoos covering the body were considered the part of the clothing and people who can afford getting tattooed dressed only a loin cloth and still they were "well dressed".

The population of South Sea Islands was full body tattooed and the sailors who stopped there usually got tattooed themselves. The introduction of the Painted Prince, a Polynesian man, was sparking a fad of tattooing in Britain.

Ancient tattoo technique took much energy and time as each puncture was made by hand. For several centuries full body tattoos were rare in the west for that reason and also because the procedure was extremely painful. Circus performers showed the Western people full body tattoos at the turn of the 19th century.

A British citizen who began to cover old tattoos with a pattern of black wide stripes was one of the first famous wearer of full body tattoo. He was called the Great Omi and he still inspires many of the full body tattoos.

Full body tattoos are versatile. It may be tribal design or combination of different slipping tattoos. The body can be the picturing of historical event, your stages of life and whatever. And transformation to an animal or fairy creature is also possible with tattooing.

Complete body transformation is met among performers and artists. And not only tattooing is used- contact lenses, implants beneath the skin and body piercing are used to complete the transformation.

Lizard Man, Enigma and Tom leopard are the most famous performers with full body tattoos. Turning the body into living work of art they became popular and for Enigma, for example, his tattoo is a perfect complement to the show.

Getting full body tattoo is an extremely significant and hard decision requiring much thought. This type of tattooing is extremely expensive and takes long time. As all areas of the body are covered with tattoo including extra sensitive, the level of pain will vary from low to extremely high. And, of course, full body tattoo affects the lifestyle. The most workplaces become closed yet other show and art places open their doors.

And no matter what type of tattoo is performed, there are things that should be always paid attention to: trusted tattoo parlor with professional and creative tattoo artist where you'll find proper tattoo medical supplies, all necessary tattoo accessories, high quality tattoo gun and power supplies, wide choice of tattoo ink be trusted brands, autoclave machine, disposable sterile tattoo needles and other tattoo stuff.