Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

There are many places of human body that can be tattooed and some are better for small designs, some allow large tattoo designs. When deciding on the placement of your future tattoo, think about the aspect of showing it off and hiding it. Arm and neck tattoos, for example, are almost always in sight and it may be a problem at work. I'd like to have a detailed look at the most sexy and attractive tattoos that can be easily hidden- lower back tattoos.

Lower back tattoos are the most popular among women. They look so sensual and touching. Hot summers are the perfect time to show your sexy body and classy and attractive tattoo on lower back but you can also enjoy and show it all year round.

Lower back is the area of stored energy in the form of Kundalini (the essential meaning of this Sanskrit word is winding or circular, it also the name for snake like inner energy). And most people (as men also get lower back tattooed) experience indescribable sensations during the process.

There are innumerable lower back tattoo designs and here are some design ideas.

Lotus flower lower back tattoos look great. Lotus flower symbolizes fertility, wealth and divinity. It is the symbol of creation and sun as the flower closes at night and sinks under water and re-emerges and blooms again in the morning.

Butterfly tattoos on lower back are extremely popular and the designs are so versatile that one butterfly tattoo can hardly remind another tattoos with butterflies. This elegant design is usually full of color and deeply symbolic. There are lots of poems and legends about butterflies. There is one in the Native American culture telling about the belief that if you capture a butterfly and whisper the deepest wish of your heart to it, the butterfly will carry this wish to the sky and the Great Spirit will grant your wish to reward you for the setting the butterfly free. Butterfly tattoos symbolize beauty, change for the best and feminine strength. Tribal butterfly designs, abstract butterfly tattoos and particular type of butterfly tattooed on the lower back look eye-catching and classy.

Question Mark butterfly is reddish-brown and black spotted outlined in lavender. It bears a question mark on the underside of lower wings. The Monarch is beautiful black and orange butterfly that makes annual migration in the fall from North America to Mexico and such design will be symbolic for those who love to travel. Mourning Cloak is elegant butterfly with brownish wings with a maroon cast to them. Its bright blue spots and yellow outline are extremely beautiful.

Star tattoos on lower back symbolize dreams, high ambitions and light. If it's one star or several detailed stars, the number of points is significant for the meaning.

Angel wings lower back tattoos represent protection, high spirituality and kindness though different angels signify different messages of beliefs.

Iris tattoos look great on the lower back. In ancient Greek Iris was believed to be planted over the graves of dead to guide them it the journey. In ancient Egypt iris was deeply honored and the Sphinx's brow was beautified with garland of irises. The yellow iris symbolizes passion, the dark blue color of the flower stands for hope and faith and the purple iris represents compliments and wisdom.

I hope that this information will be useful but before you choose your tattoo design, look at variety of tattoo designs. And after you got tattooed, don't forget to take proper tattoo aftercare! Good luck!