Neck Tattoo Ideas

Tattooing is an art that was prevalent in the Greek, Egyptian and other ancient civilizations. In the 19th century it regained popularity and nowadays thousands of people all over the world get their bodies tattooed. It's not only the way of beautifying or reaching definite cosmetic purposes, but the way of self-expression. Deep symbolism of some tattoos and cute designs of others attract people and teachers, bikers, writers, actors, managers, rock stars- we all have our own purposes to choose tattoo designs and tattoo placements. And I'd like to talk about neck tattoo designs and their meanings.

Neck is the place for rather small tattoos that can be done on the base of the neck under the skull or on the side of the neck. There are innumerable neck tattoo designs and together with your tattoo artist, you can create something unique on their base.

Snake tattoos look intriguing and the ideas on the snake's position and additional symbols are versatile. Snakes symbolize natural and supernatural power, regeneration, wisdom and fertility. Snake is a popular tattoo design because of its ability to let the tattoo artist use the form and dynamic and fluid shape of the snake to emphasize the lines of the body and to combine it with other tattoo symbols. The cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world that is a totem for indigenous people and the symbol of power in India. The cobra was represented several ancient deities, was venerated and associated with the afterlife in ancient Egypt. The Greek myth gave the birth to the symbol used by medical professionals- a snake coiled around a staff. The plumed serpent was worshipped as the Master of Life among ancient Aztecs. The indigenous rattlesnake symbolizes fertility and potency and is associated with rain and creation for the Native American. The snake's ability to slough off the skin is associated with immortality and rebirth. Snake is one of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac and snake tattoo is great idea for those born under the sign. They are believed to be rich in charm and wisdom, romantic and intuitive. Assault snake tattoo symbolizes courage and danger.

Dragon neck tattoos have been inspiring people since ancient times. Breathing fire from the nostril dragon looks great. Flying with widely open wings dragon is a great idea for large neck tattoos. Dragon symbolizes magic, perseverance, power of imagination and transformation, nobility and loyalty. Fighting dragon is a symbol of bravery, courage and duty. Dragon represents water, fire, wind and earth- the four elements. In Chinese astrology people born under the sign of the dragon are said to be a leader and have all opportunities to reach heavenly heights.

Neck tattoo of moon and stars gather together central astrological themes of the universe. The moon symbolizes feeling side of human nature and represents Yin energy. Stars are symbols of light, positivity, high ambitions and dreams.

Celtic neck tattoos make good choice. The symmetrical design and interwoven lines of tribal tattoos stand for unending cycle of rebirth and death.

Flower neck tattoo designs look great on women and it may be a small lily flower symbolizing chastity and innocence or whatever you like.

The given neck tattoo ideas are classy but they are only few. Before you get the neck tattooed, study all possible designs to choose the one prefect for your life and don't forget to choose the professional tattoo artist who uses sterilized and high quality tattoo equipment.