Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo is an old form of art prevalent in most ancient cultures of the world. Nowadays tattooing is becoming more and more popular after it has regained the popularity in the 19th century. If you are going to get tattooed for the first time or you want to give a piece of advice to somebody, you should know several important tattooing tips. First of all, the tattoo design should be chosen. It would be better if it is deeply meaningful and symbolizes the thoughts and beliefs. Then depending on personal desires and physical characteristics, the choice of tattoo placement should be made. The size and the style of tattoo design influence this choice. As well as the dress-code if there is any at work should be taken into consideration as some tattoos are difficult to hide. The choice of professional and creative tattoo artist is significant. He/she must be careful and skillful tattoo maker who uses sterilized and high quality tattoo equipment and trusted brands tattoo ink. The information on aftercare should also be studied. And only after that any person is perfectly ready for tattooing. As I have already mentioned, there are several aspects influencing the choice of tattoo placement and I consider shoulder tattoo one of the most suitable for people of all ages and social positions. Shoulder tattoo can be easily hidden and the area of shoulder won't lose its shape and form with years and it means the shoulder tattoo will always look great. Another advantage of shoulder tattoo is that there is enough space for large designs on it and here are some meaningful tattoo ideas.

Sun shoulder tattoo looks great! The Sun has been worshipped since ancient times all over the world. It's associated with leadership, dignity, courage and vigor. Sun tattoos also symbolize rebirth and power of universe. Smiling sun design stands for positive and cheerful personality.

Birds tattoo on the shoulder is another great idea. The abstract bird design stands for freedom and swiftness. Eagle shoulder tattoo symbolizes strength, courage, duty and powerful personality. Most firefighters, police and government officers get eagle tattoos. Tribal eagle tattoo looks great in black and navy blue colors. Albatross tattoo represents wisdom and sight. Robin is a symbol of new life, spring and youth. Bluebird tattoo symbolizes happiness of home and hope.

Dragon shoulder tattoos are popular. Dragon is a symbol of might, power and force, intelligence and wisdom. Attractive colors used in designs of dragon tattoos look great and the shoulder gives enough area for detailed designs.

Lion tattoo symbolizing justice, force, pride, courage, authority and protective nature looks amazingly on shoulder. Chinese zodiac sing of Lion is a great tattoo idea for those born under this sign.

Other Zodiac symbol tattoos are also popular as they are usually done in abstract and unique detailed designs that are eye-catching and impressive.

Some shoulder tattoo designs for women include flower designs, butterfly tattoos symbolizing change for the best and beauty, tribal tattoos standing for unending cycle of death and rebirth, angel wings tattoos symbolizing protection and divine power.

Nautical tattoo designs, tribal styles and animal tattoos are perfect for men's shoulder tattoos. Though there are a lot of other designs available.

Make your choice and enjoy your new tattoo! I hope you would make the right choice! Good luck!