Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

There are numerous tattoo designs nowadays and almost any part of human body can be pierced. The decision on tattoo placement is really important because some tattoos are difficult to hide and some are really painful. I'd like to talk about sleeve tattoo designs and their meaning. Of course, it's almost impossible to touch all designs of arm sleeve tattoos, but here you'll find the most meaningful and popular ones.

It's a well-known fact that tattoo should reflect something we believe in, show who we are and have symbolic meaning and not only look great. Arm sleeve tattoos can completely cover the area or it may be half sleeve tattoo and the choice of meaningful designs is huge.

Japanese sleeve tattoo designs look awesome. The eastern culture has always attracted us, its unique philosophy, wise legends and beautiful arts are really indescribable. Each Japanese design has its deep meaning. Japanese dragon sleeve tattoo symbolizes supernatural and majestic powers, courage and strength and represents four elements- fire, water, earth and wind. Koi fish half sleeve tattoo looks great and symbolizes good luck, independence, good will and courageous triumph over the struggle. Cherry blossom is a symbol of life and samurai tattoo stands for bravery and courage. All the mentioned and many other Japanese tattoo designs can have even deeper meaning depending on the details of design and additional symbols.

Tribal arm sleeve tattoos are extremely popular among men and some women as well. Male designs are larger and usually done in black or navy blue ink colors. Tribal female designs are smaller and sensual. It may be cross tattoo, tribal animal tattoo or sun tattoo- all of them look classy and their unique style is attractive.

Celtic sleeve tattoo designs with their unique interwoven lines and spirals with no beginning and no end stand for unending cycle of birth and death. Celtic symbols represent brevity and ancient elegance.

Mexican sleeve tattoos depict strong cultural meaning and belief. Mexican mafia tattoos or Mexican flag tattoos are for those who admire and honor the culture of Mexicans.

Musical design sleeve tattoos look great. If you play particular instrument, is a singer or just love music, you may choose sheet music tattoo, musical instrument with flying around music notes or just the words from the favorite song and some musical symbols.

Flower sleeve tattoo designs are popular among women. It may be lilies representing innocence, chastity and purity; rose tattoo symbolizing pure love or daises standing for childhood and innocence beauty.

Name tattoos in combination with other symbols such as heart, angel, cross or Asian symbols are deeply meaningful and can be done in memory to your family members and loved ones who passed away.

Arm sleeve tattoos can be created step by step during your whole life and each time new symbol and image will add meaning to it making your tattoo really unique.

If you are going to get tattooed, don't forget that the choice of tattoo design isn't the only important thing- you should also find creative and professional tattoo artist who uses high quality tattoo equipment that is well sterilized and only trusted brands of tattoo ink. I wish you good luck! Make your choice and enjoy it!