Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have gained back their popularity and nowadays millions of people all over the world get their bodies tattooed. The number of tattoo placements and tattoo designs is great and we may choose those that are closer to our beliefs and our lifestyle. I'd like to talk about wrist tattoo designs and their meanings. Wrist tattoos done on the inner side are usually small in size. They are popular both with men and women. Wrist designs are affordable and can be done easily and quick. When we choose tattoo design, we should find the one that combines beauty and deep symbolic meaning.

Wrist Flower Tattoos are perfect design for women. The elegance of female wrist in the combination with the beauty of flower tattoo create amazing outlook. Rose and wrapping vines symbolizes pure love and timeless beauty. Orchid tattoo stands for strength, luxury and procreation. Cherry blossom represents female sexuality and beauty. Iris is a symbol of faith, life and wisdom. Poppies represent sleep and death. Bluebell symbolizes everlasting love and constancy. Sunflower is a symbol of the sun itself and feelings of happiness and warmth.

Nautical star wrist design looks classy on the inner wrist and represents the North Star which was believed to help the sailors to find their way home. Nowadays its symbolism lies in the understanding that we all have our own path in life to follow. Abstract or just five pointed star symbolizes light, hope, energy, inspiration, high ambitions and dreams.

Japanese symbols with their unique lines and mystic of foreign language is attractive idea for wrist tattoo. It may also be Greek, Latin or Chinese words and symbols telling about something important for you. There are multiple quotes and lyrics in foreign languages.

Butterfly wrist tattoo designs which symbolize metamorphosis and beauty look awesome. An ancient legend about butterfly that brings the deeper wish of the heart that you whisper to higher spirit that makes this wish come true is touching and makes believe in divine powers of these beautiful creatures.

Tribal wrist tattoos are symbols of spiritual protection, duty, power and courage. There are innumerable tribal designs.

Celtic wrist tattoos with their twisted and interweaving lines symbolize unending cycle of rebirth and death. Celtic knot, Celtic cross and Claddagh symbol are the most popular.

Bird wrist tattoo designs look wonderful. Birds symbolize freedom, swiftness and free spirit. To symbolize happiness, choose a bluebird tattoo. Dove is a symbol of divine and human devotion. Owl represents mysterious things and magic.

Music wrist tattoo designs are perfect for those who passionately love music or have even devoted their life to music. Musical notes tattoo, small musical instrument tattoo look great.

Ocean wrist tattoos are magnificent. Ocean symbolizes changing, dynamic and hidden life. The multi-colored ocean tattoo may stand for the changing mood and luck in our lives.

There are a lot of other wrist tattoo designs and these are only few that are popular. Before you get your wrist tattooed, you should find professional tattoo maker who uses sterilized and high quality tattoo supplies and tools. See also arm tattoo designs to create a tattoo masterpiece and combine several or make one complete design. Good luck!